Chinese Kung Fu

      Kung Fu is known as wushu in China. Wushu is an art of fighting and a physical exercise. It enjoys great popularity in China. With its aesthetic appeal and good effects on a person, Chinese kung-fu draws more and more attention from around the world.
      Wushu consists of a big variety of schools and styles. Each school has its own characteristics. For example, Chan Chuan demands quickness and valor. Tai Chi features slow rhythm and gentle movements. Shaolin Chuan stresses short routines of movements and swiftness and vigor.
      There are also various forms of fighting in wushu, such as fist fights, weapon fights and collective performances, etc.
      The weapons used in wushu originated mainly from ancient military weapons. There are three categories of weapons: long weapons, which includes spears and broad swords; short weapons, such as short swords, daggers, and hooks; and flexible weapons that comprises nine-section cudgels and three-section cudgels.
      Wushu is a system of skills and theories that was developed through the Chinese people's struggles with nature and during their social lives. Chinese wushu is more than an art of fighting. It embodies a profound philosophy and combines with morals. The martial ethics of Wushu covers respect of human life, fearlessness, persistence, perseverance, modesty, etc.
      Besides the martial ethics that a wushu practitioner can benefit from, the practice of wushu also strengthens the bones, muscles, the internal organs, and intelligence. Some schools of wushu even have curative effects on chronic diseases of many kinds, for example, Tai Chi which emphasizes the adjustment of one's breathing, thinking and psychology is helpful for treating diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, neurasthenia, rheumatic arthritis, etc.